How Long Should Carrier Negotiations Really Take?

Smartphones rule the enterprise communications space and users “must” have the latest device.  Deciphering mobile telecom bills and utilization patterns seems like it requires a second college degree.  To add to the challenge carrier rate plan models and “subsidized vs. unsubsidized” device purchasing options change monthly.

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Disconnected: Bridging the Gap Between IT and Procurement

As technology has evolved, traditional corporate roles, and the delineations between them, have blurred. Nowhere is this perhaps more evident than in the corporate telecom arena where IT and procurement now overlap each other vying for ownership of the telecom relationship. Sometimes this causes confusion – and occasionally, some rivalry – over which department should wield the reigns.

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Sourcing Telecom: Is it a Marathon or Relay Race?

Who would ever run a race where the rest of the field gets to start halfway closer to the finish line? Not many. This is why the players in our niche industry don’t negotiate from carrier proposals – those deals that represent your best efforts to get savings on your own. The low-hanging fruit is gone. The race seems over before it begins. You really have to perform to win.

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