Negotiate with the Knowledge of G2

Our service delivers one simple value proposition:

We deliver valuable, additional savings and improved terms and conditions that our clients cannot earn on their own – money that would otherwise be kept by the carriers.

Telecom represents one of the largest operating costs for any company. The negotiation of telecom contracts is perhaps one of the most tedious and time consuming projects that every company must perform on a routine basis and with little or no market intelligence. G2 is dedicated to the negotiation process and utilizes our unique and superior resources of Insider Knowledge and Benchmark Intelligence in order to deliver a truly world-class contract for every business we represent.


Justin J. Fuller

Chief Executive Officer

Justin brings a near two decades of experience in Telecom Cost Reduction Consulting to G2. Justin’s leadership and experience in driving revenues to support high growth businesses is a great complement to G2 as the industry leader in Telecommunications Contract Negotiations. Justin is tasked with aligning operations and sales with a primary focus on continuing to keep G2 as the definitive leader of the niche Telecom Contract Negotiation industry and therefore maximizing the results achieved in every client engagement. He is also responsible for continually improving business model design and evaluating the business potential through marketing, sales, information management, product development and customer service.

Prior to G2, Justin was co-founder of an industry leading Telecom Expense Management & Wireless Outsourcing service provider that was ultimately acquired by a publicly traded company. He originally served as Vice President of Operations where he ran the software development and client support departments. He then transitioned to Executive Vice President of Business Development where he was responsible for all sales, marketing and partnership functions for the business. He also served as a Director of the Executive Committee and the Senior Director of the Technology Holding Company.

Justin Fuller

Kevin G. Price

Chief Operating Officer

Kevin is responsible for leading the Operations Division at G2, which handles all phases of Contract Negotiation Operations: Data Collection and Analysis, Network Service Profile (NSP) Inventory Compilation, Market Benchmarking, RFP Development and Project Management, Savings Analytics and Billing Verification Reviews. Kevin oversees G2’s negotiation and analyst teams and serves as a primary negotiator for many of G2’s larger enterprise clients.

Kevin has extensive experience negotiating with all Tier I and II US carriers, such as AT&T, Verizon, CenturyLink, Sprint and T-Mobile, as well as numerous other domestic and international providers. Kevin specializes in clients with global voice, data, cloud and wireless infrastructures. His established reputation and contacts within the carrier pricing organizations enables him to escalate negotiation demands to the highest level. Kevin is also G2’s foremost authority on wireless procurement, management and optimization and a respected industry leader on mobility strategy and innovation.

As an Army Quartermaster Officer, Kevin negotiated critical telecommunications and logistical contracts for the Department of Defense while deployed to Kuwait, Egypt, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Kevin graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Kevin Price

John D. Sinsley


John co-founded G2 with a desire to vastly maximize the potential return of customers through the telecommunications contracting process, leveraging his carrier and professional experience on behalf of Fortune 500 companies. Within G2, John’s focus is the operational success and strategic growth of the company, while maintaining an integral role as a lead negotiator on various, large-scale initiatives.

Prior to starting G2, John worked for Sprint, where he was responsible for the negotiation and review of thousands of specially crafted contracts. He held several management positions at Sprint, and his diverse background includes network design and optimization, systems analysis, voice and data pricing, and tariffing. At Sprint, John held senior leadership positions in both Federal/State Government contract pricing, and within the National Account commercial division. In these positions, he was responsible for all contract negotiations, special pricing and financial analyses of Sprint’s government and commercial customers. John also accomplished the successful filing of Sprint’s FCC Tariff 12 (special contracts) and devised software used by analysts in the Business Services Group to understand the financials of special-priced contracts.

John joined Sprint after service in the United States Army as an Air Defense Artillery Officer; notably, he served during Desert Storm with a PATRIOT battalion in 1991. John graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point.

John Sinsley

Jeffery A. Carlson


Jeff is responsible for growth, the success of operations and sales coordination for G2, Inc. His tenure within the telecommunications industry covers nearly 30 years.

Before co-founding G2, Jeff served as Vice President for Global Crossing, Sales Director for BellSouth and held various management and National Account positions within Sprint’s sales and finance departments. Notably, he was the youngest National Account Manager in Sprint’s history, always ranking in the top eight in this elite sales role.

Jeff graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point and holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science.

Jeff Carlson

Paul L. Contino

Chief Revenue Officer

As Chief Revenue Officer for G2, Inc. Paul is responsible for all sales and marketing for the company with a constant focus on the seamless integration of the two. His experience within the telecommunications industry spans more than 20 years. Before joining G2, Paul was the founder and President of a global consulting firm, Benchmark North America, which served many of the Fortune 500 companies. Paul also spent many years working in the CLEC space most notably with Granite Telecommunication where he was always ranked in the top three revenue producers for the company and had a leadership role in special pricing and contract terms.

Paul has become a recognized industry expert, specializing in working with the Global 100 and Fortune 500 clients in the specialized areas of contract negotiations and telecommunications. Paul combines meticulous detail and exceptional organizational skills in his approach. His ability to work with clients to maximize the ROI of engagements, with a particular detail to managing expectations and outcomes through both internal and external communications during projects, drives maximum results for the clients G2 services.

Paul graduated from the University of Connecticut in 1997 with a Bachelors in Business.

Superior Savings Over the Alternatives

We single-focus our business in the area of telecommunication contract negotiations because it requires the highest degree of expertise, intellectual capital and market resources in order to consistently perform on the leading-edge of the market.

G2 vs. TEM Firms

The core competency of a TEM firm is software development and invoice auditing, processing and presentment.  G2’s core competency is perfecting the negotiation of telecom contracts through leveraging superior resources such as Benchmark Intelligence and industry unique Carrier Insider Knowledge.  Simply put, TEM firms and Single Focused Negotiation Firms will produce dramatically different results – they are built differently and you cannot be the best at both.

G2 vs. Agents

G2 has never once received compensation, of any form, from any carrier or provider.  Every penny of compensation that we have earned as a business has come directly from our client engagements.  When representing a client, we are 100% aligned with their best interests; demanding the absolute best pricing and contract terms the carrier can afford.  Agents cannot state the same and represent a huge conflict by being compensated by the carriers, thus benefiting from higher pricing.

G2 vs. Going Solo

Every G2 client, on their own, could negotiate directly with the carriers and produce some level of savings.  As a result, the incremental savings G2 delivers, minus our fee, must result in a greater Net Savings than a company could earn on their own.  By utilizing our benchmark intelligence, carrier precedence and negotiation team, paired with the scope and size of clients we serve, equals incremental savings often in the hundreds of thousands up to tens of millions of dollars.  Money that would otherwise be kept by the carriers.