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Insider Knowledge

Our experience was forged through performing thousands of negotiations within the carrier’s elite Special Pricing Organizations. During this tenure, G2’s Leadership was tasked with pricing-setting, competitive research, market research, profitability analysis, crafting of terms & conditions, Tariff filing and extensive legal document creation & review.

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Benchmark Intelligence

There are no better rates in the market today than those we are aggressively negotiating for our clients. True Benchmark Intelligence is gathered only through a perpetual collection and improvement process within G2’s highly credible and aggressive negotiation practice.

About Our Company

The Power of Being Single Focused

Being single-focused, G2 has the precedence to open existing contracts at any time, regardless of remaining term or commitment.
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Half of the negotiations we conduct are mid-term negotiations

Mid-term Negotiations

Mid-term negotiations represent our purest financial value, as the savings found would have just been paid to the carrier for the remaining term of your agreement.


Over 25% of the negotiations G2 conducts are on expiring or expired agreements

End of Term Negotiations

Agreements that are near the end of their term typically have the fullest flexibility regarding negotiation strategies. G2 aggressively leverages the carriers to provide leading-edge pricing, terms and conditions provided only to the top 2% of the market

11th Hour

Already received your “best and final” offer from the carrier?

11th Hour Negotiations

If you are late engaging G2 and have already received a “best and final” offer from the carrier, G2 will provide a free assessment and report back any additional opportunity within 48 hours. G2 only takes credit for the additional savings earned above and beyond what the client achieved through their own internal efforts

“The engagement with G2 has been fantastic. Professional, organized, knows their stuff, and just the best team I think I have ever worked with in my career.”

- Fortune 500 Retail CIO
G2 Engagement

Maximizing Savings as your Partner

All of G2’s clients have successfully negotiated telecom agreements in the past and achieved various levels of cost reduction. Some clients have even used other Telecom Expense Management, Sourcing or Cost Reduction consultants prior to engaging G2. However, it is only through our Insider Knowledge, Benchmark Intelligence and single focused concentration of resources that G2 can consistently deliver pricing, terms and conditions that are truly at the leading-edge of the market

Negotiation & Carrier Precedence

G2 has negotiated thousands of carrier contracts, both as former Carrier negotiators and now client advocates.

Driving the most efficient timeline

G2 led negotiations take 9-12 weeks resulting in savings sooner – while the industry average is 6-9 months.

Contract Terms & Conditions Expertise

In addition to pricing and services, an equal focus on the T’s & C’s is absolutely critical to negotiate a best in class deal.

Maximize your Contract Savings

Opening contracts immediately allows companies to see savings in months, rather than years.


$4.2 Billion

Since G2’s inception in 2000, we have saved our clients over $4.2B in real, contracted savings.