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Terms & Conditions

Establishing a best in class telecommunications contract does not end with negotiating leading edge pricing, best in class terms and conditions are equally as powerful.

Price points are constantly changing but there is a limit as to how good terms and conditions can get. G2 knows the very best terms & conditions in the market and leverages that knowledge and precedent in every negotiation we conduct. In order to provide your company with the flexibility it needs, while minimizing your liabilities with the carriers, terms and conditions need to be established that relate to your business – not just the carrier’s. The largest strength is the knowledge of what the carriers are willing to concede.

Do not let the carriers enforce an agreement that only protects their interests and security. G2 negotiates terms and conditions that equally protect yours.

  • With our experience as carrier negotiators we have been witness to the very best terms and conditions offered
  • The terms and conditions we negotiate minimize your carrier liabilities and maximize your flexibility
  • Terms and conditions are typically standard and off the shelf. We negotiate terms and conditions that are specific to the needs of your business while further gaining flexibility within your commitments
  • Carriers will often claim that many points within proposed terms and conditions are standard and non negotiable. We have the insider knowledge and precedents to dispel those claims
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Quality of Service (QoS) standards can be extremely difficult to negotiate but can have powerful impacts to your business when negotiated to the leading edge of what the carriers will concede to
  • Best in class rates are not reliant upon large commitments

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