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Recently Executed Contracts

Agreements that have been recently signed are without question the most difficult to negotiate. However, applying G2’s superior resources can establish savings that are as drastic as if the agreements were at the end of their term.

Ethics, fair business practices and legal terms confine a company to live up to signed contractual documents. That being said, as former carrier negotiators with insider knowledge, G2 has the instant and full credibility needed to apply the appropriate pressures on the carrier to open those agreements up and maximize long term savings. As a credible third party, G2 shifts leverages away from the carriers through managing commitments to a minimum, positioning unprofitable price points and establishing the overall threat of loss. The ultimate position is that the carriers need to concede to G2’s pricing requirements or this will be the beginning of the end for the relationship. The concept is simple; the carriers write down their business today or lose it tomorrow.

The best way to see if there is an opportunity for cost reduction is to allow G2 to conduct a risk free Value Assessment of where your new contractual rates lie in the market.

  • Carrier contracts and associated commitments can be “opened up” and evaluated at any time
  • Telecom expenses that are billed at correct contractual rates, regardless of whether or not those rates are competitive, are non recoverable. If a telecom contract has recently been executed, time is of the essence to verify if those rates are leading edge
  • Even in newly signed agreements we can hold the carriers accountable for supplying non competitive rates
  • Although this is incumbent only and early in term negotiation, if the carrier does not perform to our requirements we will manage the commitments to a minimum
  • We can set the stage for instilling with the carrier the threat of loss
  • 50% of the negotiations we conduct are incumbent only

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