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International Negotiations

G2’s experience negotiating international telecom services, both wireless and wireline, is extensive through over a decade as a consultancy and also in terms of negotiations on behalf of the carriers. Due to the scope and size of clients that G2 represents the majority of our negotiations include many components of international negotiations. Most of these negotiations involve complex, multipoint wireline network services that span the full spectrum of MPLS, Private Line, Frame Relay and International Access. Our expertise is inclusive of international locations throughout Canada, Latin America, South America, virtually all of Europe, Australia, and Asia (with an extensive focus on Pac-Rim countries).

Within the carrier-world, there were many instances of negotiations that took place that incorporated wireless concerns. Specifically, G2’s Cofounder & President John Sinsley negotiated Sprint’s contract agreement with Iridium, a unique carrier with an expansive global reach. Other companies that were negotiated by John for international concerns (he was lead for National Accounts and all of Sprint’s Government Accounts) include Boeing-Rockwell, Exxon, NASA, the operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Office of the White House, and the former FTS-2000 bid that was won jointly by Sprint and MCI.

G2 feels that international-specific negotiations for segments of business do not dramatically differ from the domestic US – though, we recognize that the domestic US is “much more easily” served in many capacities. It is commonplace that many carriers with domestic concerns have strategic counterparts internationally, so there are two points of contact to work through on the “account team” basis, and furthermore on the financial, decision-making side of business negotiations.

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