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G2 does not rely upon a competitive environment, large commitments or other commonly held carrier leverages that are utilized to extract carrier savings. We hold the carriers to a simple standard. We know the very best rates in the industry, the Top 2%, and we hold your carrier to this requirement.

In order to maximize long-term savings, Carrier agreements should be opened up and negotiated when sufficient leverage exists and market changes allow. It is not necessary to wait for the end-of-term to leverage incumbent carriers for better price points. Over 50% of our practice is negotiating solely with the incumbent carrier, where a competitive environment does not exist.

It is a misconception that a Multiple Carrier RFP (Request for Proposal) is the only way to extract the largest amount of savings during a contract negotiation. As an independent consultancy, and as former carrier negotiators, we have the immediate creditability needed to instill the threat of loss even when negotiating solely with an incumbent carrier. Our benchmark intelligence gives us the ability to identify the leading edge of the market and the authority to request of the carriers the specific price points, terms and conditions to create a World Class agreement at any time.

The strategy with the carriers is simple, either write down your business today or lose it tomorrow.

  • We leverage our benchmark intelligence to extract savings that is identical as to what that carrier would offer in a fully competitive RFP
  • Negotiations result in a pure decrease in cost with zero impact to service or end users
  • An RFP is not necessary to maximize leverage with your incumbent carrier
  • Through carrier coaching we help the carrier help themselves in retaining your business
  • We utilize a Carrier Requirements LetterSM that is detailed on the price points, terms and conditions necessary to retain your business
  • This strategy remains 100% successful in over a decade of professionally negotiating contracts
  • 50% of the negotiations we conduct are incumbent only

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