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Aberdeen Report: Reduce Costs through Strategic Telecom Sourcing

Telecom has traditionally been one of the most challenging corporate expenses to fully manage. As companies grow, their communications infrastructure is often procured and ordered at an operational level to meet the needs of individual departments or projects, rather than from an organizational level. As a result, this lack of strategy has resulted in ad-hoc communications networks with multiple bills, contracts and accounts spread throughout the business. However, as global companies stated in the July 2009 study Global Telecom Lifecycle Management, their total telecom spend throughout the organization makes up approximately 1% of their total revenues and that even a small decrease in spend can provide relief to IT budgets and the corporate bottom line. This is especially true in low margin industries where reducing as little as one-tenth of a percent of total revenues could make a difference of several percent in terms of cash flow and profit.

Report details how Best-in-Class Companies using third-party telecom experts:

  • Reduced Full Time Equivalents managing telecom overhead tasks by 15%.
  • Cut mobile spend by 21% last year.
  • Slashed landline WAN expenses by 22% last year.
  • Achieved a 26% reduction in landline voice spend.
  • Met 85% of contracted telecom SLAs even after cutting costs.
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