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Wireless Optimization

The Wireless industry requires customers to pay a significant price for unused minutes or for “overage” minutes that cost the carriers the same as a standard “plan” minute. Every month that a company is billed for wireless accounts that are not optimized represents one month of charges that can never be recovered.

Negotiations must be conducted in conjunction with a wireless optimization. Wireless Optimizations alone do not maximize savings.

With G2, Wireless Optimization is a mechanism to decrease cost coupled with a streamlined provisioning mapping process. Complicated carrier billing formats, ever changing rate plans & features, and unstable end user usage volumes creates a wireless environment that is clearly in favor of the carriers. We change the paradigm in which wireless services are procured by extracting wireless billing and usage data at the lowest carrier billing element and benchmarking current price points against the leading edge of the market. G2 forensically aligns each and every wireless subscriber line and all associated plans, usage, discounts & features with World Class pricing to enforce an enterprise-wide strategy directed at minimizing cost and maximizing flexibility.

  • Immediate opportunity for cost reduction so why wait for savings that are non recoverable
  • Pure financial exercise with no impact to service or disruption to end-users
  • There is typically no carrier or technology migration
  • Optimization alone will not produce the savings our clients require, a true optimization must also include the negotiation of industry leading plans & pricing
  • With an accurate inventory and volume trend, we establish the optimal rate plan configuration for each subscriber line based on unique usage & feature requirements
  • We create, at the most granular carrier billing & inventory level, a detailed analysis of your voice and data usage trends, feature procurement and overall wireless consumption volume that is unavailable utilizing standard carrier reporting platforms

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