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Understanding Your Network

No one understands your company’s telecommunications environment better than you. However, we take extensive efforts to fully understand your network through the detailed review and analysis of all of your network services. It’s imperative that we conduct this copious analysis to successfully represent your company during negotiations by focusing on all aspects of your network services across all providers and service types.

As part of our Value Assessment, G2 develops a comprehensive report called the Network Services Profile (“NSP”). The NSP depicts your network and defines pricing at the most granular levels as dictated by the carrier contracts, tariffs and billing systems, regardless of how large or complex your network.

In addition to understanding your network, the NSP will be used to supplement negotiations in the following ways:

  • Identifying the quantity and type of services to be presented to the carriers
  • Identifying any possible uncommitted volumes
  • Establishing annual usage volumes to base the appropriate revenue commitments (if applicable)
  • Verifying current rates per the existing, incumbent carrier agreements
  • As a model to validate negotiation savings.

For more information on G2’s capabilities in this practice area please contact us.

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