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Multiple-Carrier RFP

Telecom RFP’s are the most time consuming, tedious and difficult sourcing exercises – and they do not guarantee the best results.

G2 leads and manages the entire RFP process covering all aspects of data collection, inventory creation, document development, carrier administration, process management, timeline enforcement, proposal evaluations, savings analysis, Carrier Coaching, legal reviews and rate implementation validation.

However, the competitive RFP environment is not enough. Incumbents know they do not need to approach non-incumbent pricing due to migration costs. Non-incumbent carriers rarely provide enough savings to justify network migrations because they believe the incumbent will naturally win. Simply put, non-incumbents are motivated to protect disclosing their best rates in an environment where historically they lose over 90% of the time. As a third party, professional negotiator using our Benchmark Intelligence and Insider Knowledge, we force the carriers to dismiss these notions and provide their absolute best-in-class contracts.

Vendor perceptions, motivations and reservations can only be managed by consultants with experience as true carrier negotiators.

  • We deliver savings earlier through our 6 to 8 week process
  • Our 100% management of the RFP reduces your internal time and resources by 95%
  • Carriers are invited based upon your selection or our recommendations
  • Only with extreme savings and sound business principles will G2 recommend carrier migration
  • We provide the statistical information to all carriers so that incumbents and non-incumbents have the same information to create a pure competitive environment
  • 100% of our negotiations include the Tier-1 local, long distance and wireless carriers
  • Our streamlined RFP is founded on each clients’ specific requirements and single-focused on improving carrier contracts
  • We provide all the carriers with the statistical information they need to price your business aggressively

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