Expert Negotiators of World-Class Telecom Contracts

Mid-Term Negotiations

Mid-Term negotiations are necessary to truly maximize long-term savings. Often, misconceptions prevent enterprises from taking advantage of very sizeable savings opportunities.

In our practice within this narrow space of the telecom industry, we can immediately and with 100% success negotiate world-class pricing through mid-term negotiations. Carrier contracts can be opened up and evaluated at any time.

We use our Insider Knowledge and Benchmark Intelligence to go beyond just creating new agreements and savings through market rate decreases. By definition, most deals signed on any given date will be average. G2 aggressively leverages the carriers to provide leading-edge pricing, terms and conditions provided only to the top 2% of the market.

  • Maximizes long-term savings
  • Strategy may be Incumbent-Only or Multiple Carrier RFP
  • Certain and immediate opportunity for major cost reduction
  • Any delay results in lost savings that cannot be recovered
  • Carriers want customers to pay high rates for as long as possible
  • Current carrier commitments are minimized and managed appropriately
  • A competitive RFP is not necessary to leverage carriers for world-class pricing
  • No carrier or technology migration is necessary
  • Purely a financial exercise to reduce costs

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