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Shared Services

Today’s environment for corporate executives is filled with stringent shareholder demands, highly dynamic markets and ever-changing technologies. Even after achieving drastic cost reductions and increases to productivity, there is still no relief from the next generation of business obstacles. These challenges coupled with decentralized environments stemming from mergers, acquisitions and partnerships make today’s world for business leaders a difficult one. Within this nest of challenges lies a very real and growing problem – how to manage telecom sourcing with severe decentralization and disparate business units.

Through G2’s Shared Services Advisory solutions we lead clients in assessing, consolidating and executing world-class telecom agreements, thus streamlining telecom sourcing and drastically reducing costs. Leveraging the telecom volumes and commitments of stand alone business units, consolidating carriers and carrier agreements, minimizing liabilities and applying rates that are at the leading edge of the market has a powerful impact on business.

  • Carrier migration and consolidation
  • Inventory and Network Services Profile creation and analysis
  • Coterminous and consolidated carrier agreement execution
  • Contract negotiation process 100% led and managed by G2
  • Single POC for carrier support teams
  • Leveraged volume commitments
  • Carrier agreements vs network services GAP analysis
  • Current pricing vs Benchmark evaluation
  • Commitment volume management, carrier liability control
  • Managed telecom sourcing strategies for cost containment supporting long term growth and profitability

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