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With so many industries in a very fragile state, it is not uncommon for an organization to find itself in a distressed situation. There are a multitude of opportunities and solutions that can provide relief to a company in distress. One such opportunity is often overlooked. The opportunity to decrease telecommunications expenses and minimize carrier contract liabilities can have a significant positive impact to a business. Telecom expenses are generally a top five, non-core expense with annual spends ranging from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

In business, a dollar saved does not translate to a dollar earned. A dollar saved equates to twenty dollars in new revenues. Over G2’s near decade of helping clients reduce telecom expenses through strategic sourcing and contract negotiation services we have saved our clients 35.6% on average. An example of the impact G2 can have on a distressed company is illustrated by some very simple, yet proven math.


Annual Telecom Expense – $1,200,000

Cost Reduction via G2 – 35.6%

Annual Cost Reduction – $427,200

Cost Reduction translated to new revenues – $8,544,000


The savings opportunity and financial relief that G2 can deliver is immediate. Our typical telecom negotiation and cost reduction process is initiated and completed with in eight weeks with zero impact to business. These savings stem from a pure financial exercise that is 100% led and managed by G2. If your business is restructuring you cannot afford to over look one of your largest expenses.

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