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The merging of two or more companies is an extremely complex and difficult task. Every phase in the acquisition or merger process has a very high probability of costly and time-consuming errors being encountered. The most successful mergers follow a structured and focused road map with clear strategic objectives, detailed implementation plans and a focus on minimizing disruptions to business.

One of the many M&A complexities is the alignment and consolidation of telecommunications networks, inventories, carriers, buying agreements and carrier support teams. A disciplined approach to managing a successful telecom consolidation lies in the leadership and execution. G2’s experience provides companies undergoing M&A’s with the detailed framework, strategic objectives and flexible approach to provide a customized solution to successfully accomplish what is other wise a daunting task.

Analyze – Execute – Integrate

We fully understand that each company has internal resources that have direct responsibility over specific segments of the day-to-day telecom and information technology business operations. G2 interacts with those teams to identify where improvements should be made in order to fully capture the value of the M&A. Properly merged networks, consolidated carrier agreements and improved pricing, terms and conditions result in drastic cost reductions and process efficiencies.

  • Carrier billing and invoice extraction, compilation and consolidation
  • Inventory and Network Services Profile creation and analysis
  • Cross network analysis
  • Carrier agreements vs network services GAP analysis
  • Current pricing vs Benchmark evaluation
  • New, consolidated carrier agreement negotiations, entire negotiation process managed by G2
  • Commitment volume management, carrier liability control
  • Strategic telecom sourcing strategies for cost containment supporting long term growth and profitability

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