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Value Assessment

It is important for your company to clearly understand your savings opportunity before we enter into a business relationship. Because our negotiators have conducted literally thousands of negotiations, we can assess to a high degree of accuracy our final results, regardless of your existing contracts or particular situation. The tool we use is our Value Assessment. G2’s Value Assessment is a customized report that outlines four key elements:

  • Savings based upon G2 conducting the negotiation
  • G2’s negotiation strategy. This strategy is developed after G2 identifies and strengthens your negotiation leverage
  • Timeline of events. Historically, G2 completes negotiations in 40% to 60% less time than our clients or competitors – bringing savings to your bottom line sooner and minimizing lost opportunity costs.
  • G2’s Savings Guarantee. This is the minimum savings amount we must deliver or we do not get paid.

Our Value Assessment will prove our level of knowledge, trust and credibility. This document will contain information that is valuable to your business, and it will communicate what level of opportunity exists for improving your contracts.

Value Assessment Highlights

  • No cost to your business
  • No obligation to do business with G2
  • Created upon G2’s review of your contracts and invoices (under a mutual nondisclosure)
  • G2’s best means of proving our future success, short of actually negotiating your contract
  • Utilizes the detail of the Network Services Profile and our negotiation experience to accurately predict your savings

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