Expert Negotiators of World-Class Telecom Contracts

Representing Your Business

Typically, the amount that a company spends on telecommunications falls within the top five of all indirect (outside of core business products) expenses. It is a very serious proposition for G2 to represent clients and influence such a large and critical part of their businesses.

G2 maintains an unbiased, professional and ethical working relationship with the carriers. Our excellent reputation greatly enables our ability to successfully serve our clients. We negotiate aggressively yet fairly. We lead and control all aspects of negotiations. Our role is to assist and ensure the carriers develop leading-edge proposals. Your incumbent carrier wants to retain your business. It is also our experience that your carrier account team will be eager to accept our guidance. The superior contracts we negotiate for your company will lead the market while maintaining acceptable levels of profitability for the carriers.

Improving Your Carrier Relationship
Although handled professionally, negotiations by their nature can often become contentious. As a third-party expert, G2 will deal aggressively and appropriately with the carriers at all times, allowing your company to be removed from the direct negotiation process. Potential clients often ask if our involvement helps or hinders the customer-carrier relationship. G2’s customers will attest that our involvement enhances the customer-carrier relationship – clearly demonstrating that taking the extra step to hire G2 demands best-in-class carrier contract pricing and support.

Ethics and Professionalism
Our references are the best resource you have to confirm our level of ethics and professionalism when representing our clients. The Leaders of G2 demand the utmost in ethics and professionalism – stemming from their distinguished educational background of West Point.

Trust and Credibility
From the very moment we begin a relationship with your company we are conscious that we must earn your trust and prove our credibility. Similarly to ethics and professionalism, our clients will attest to the trust and credibility you can expect from G2. From our first meeting, to the day-to-day management of your negotiations, to an open line of communication – we are committed to earning and maintaining the highest levels of trust and credibility.

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