Expert Negotiators of World-Class Telecom Contracts

Maximizing Savings

Saving money is important to any business. G2 maximizes your savings and ensures a “World-Class” contract in the top 2% of the market.

Exceeding The “Average Contract”
By definition, most telecommunications contracts are simply average. One of the most common mistakes companies make conducting their own negotiations is to use their existing contracts as a benchmark to evaluate a “good deal.” Most likely, these companies’ contracts were average to begin with, and the results of negotiations yield similarly average contracts. What makes an “average contract” a “world-class contract?” It’s G2’s leadership, insider knowledge of the carrier environment, proprietary benchmark intelligence of the leading edge of the market and dedication to your company’s bottom line savings that produces world-class results.

Total Contract Management
G2’s premiere business service to your company is the negotiation or renegotiation of your telecommunications contracts. Following the execution of your new contracts, G2 will also conduct a contract implementation audit to ensure that the new prices we negotiated for your company are properly reflected in the carrier billing systems. This audit analyzes every net effective price point down to the lowest billing element in the carrier systems validating that savings are not lost or eroded through carrier implementation errors. G2 is your dedicated resource for negotiations now and in the future.

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