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G2 Leadership

Strategic sourcing starts with highly focused leadership.

Most consultants may appear very similar. It is G2’s leadership, results and devotion to client success that makes us different. In order to make the right strategic decisions to improve efficiencies and increase profitability, a company needs highly capable and focused leadership with knowledge and experience in niche areas of business operations. Our leadership has the immediate and full resources needed to lead your company in making the right telecommunications sourcing choices for your business.

Typically, the amount that companies spend on telecommunications falls with in the top five of all non-core expenses. It is a very serious proposition for G2 to represent clients and influence such a large and critical part of their business. Our excellent reputation, verified through our deep list of references, is the best resource you have to confirm our level of ethics and professionalism in supporting clients.

Justin J. Fuller – Chief Executive Officer

John D. Sinsley – Co-Founder

Jeffery A. Carlson – Co-Founder

Kevin G. Price – Vice President, Operations

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