Expert Negotiators of World-Class Telecom Contracts

Corporate Overview

G2, Inc. was formed in 2000, is privately-held and continues to be managed and owned directly by the founding partners. We are a Delaware Corporation headquartered in Pinehurst, North Carolina.

Carrier Contract Negotiations

In our experience negotiating on behalf of the carriers within their Special Pricing organizations, we were exposed to how decisions were made, who made those decisions, the leverage required to influence the carriers and the best strategies to win. We also learned that each carrier customer received a dramatically different deal. Volume of commitment, length of relationship or company name did not guarantee the best prices, terms or conditions. As carrier negotiators we did everything in our power to convince our customer that their contract was the very best, when in reality it was only average.

Our practice is now the only single-focused consultancy to utilize this unique and critical experience and expertise to represent corporate clients.

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