Expert Negotiators of World-Class Telecom Contracts

Competitive Differences

We are the most effective and trusted resource to conduct your company’s telecommunications contract negotiations. Our references – your peers – will corroborate and verify our competitive differences. They will readily speak to how G2 proved to be the best resource to negotiate their business. Many of our clients have investigated or used other negotiators in the past, but selected G2 based upon our clear ability to outperform. Many can negotiate contracts – only G2 maximizes results and here’s why:

  • G2’s success in negotiations is derived from having led the carriers’ own contract negotiation teams. We have negotiated thousands of contracts for the carriers -industry experience that is exceedingly rare. It is this specific carrier experience which enables G2 to perform so successfully.
  • We focus on providing only one outstanding service for our customers – Expert Contract Negotiations. Specializing only in telecommunications contract negotiations enables G2 to generate exceptional results.
  • G2’s time and resources expended to develop our Value Assessment and Network Services Profil eallows G2 to begin negotiations almost immediately after being hired. This proactive effort alone will ensure savings will be maximized earlier than through any competitor.
  • G2 has developed a proprietary negotiation method that utilizes our valuable knowledge of the market, ensures leading-edge pricing, and builds carrier credibility to ensure maximum success.
  • We provide a very clear and easily proven Return on Investment.
  • Our compensation is uniquely structured so that your current telecommunications budget is never exceeded. Beware of G2’s competition that requires large up-front, or lump-sum payments.

G2 has very few competitors in this niche area of telecommunications expertise. Our clients will testify that some of G2’s “competition” falls severely short in offering Expert Telecommunications Negotiations.

These very well-known consulting firms (i.e., Accenture) rely on the carriers to train their negotiators. The carriers clearly have no motivation to teach the methods that gain advantage against them. Interestingly, large “Big House” firms have contacted G2 to assist them in negotiations after they have sold their clients this service without the necessary expertise.

General IT Consultants

Like the “Big House” firms, these “jack-of-all-trades” do not provide the focused and unique contract negotiation expertise in order to compete effectively against G2. Simply, IT consultants generally focus on too many areas to be effective.

Invoice Auditors

Invoice Auditors have expertise in reading, reviewing and identifying billing errors. However, their contract and invoicing knowledge does not translate to the negotiation table – costing their clients millions of dollars through contracts that are not optimized.

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