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As a growing company and industry leader in Telecom Consulting services, G2 is always searching for talented, highly qualified individuals who can work in concert with our vision and that of our clients. If you would like to learn more about working with some of America’s most admired companies through career opportunities with G2, please send your resume to: [email protected]

Job Openings:

Client Sales Director

***No quota, unlimited income potential, 100% commission Client Sales Director position***

 I. Job Description

We seek individuals that have professional or personal relationships with key CIO, CFO and Procurement-level decision-makers of Fortune 5000 companies for the purpose of introducing our company and services.   Our business model and value proposition are easily understood and we deliver extraordinary savings that companies otherwise could not obtain on their own.  You will be trained and receive dedicated and intense sales support to ensure success. We have been in business for over a dozen years and have a long and impressive list of clients within the Fortune 500 and Global 100. 

II.  Responsibilities

This position is not full-time.  Rather, the opportunity is for you to leverage key relationships and be highly compensated for creating relationships that lead to closed business.  Two to three hours of training is necessary to understand our core services, value proposition and address any barriers to entry.  An executive from our company will participate in every sales meeting.

Our firm will devote the time and resources to lead and manage the majority of the sales process.

III. Qualifications

G2 seeks entrepreneurial individuals with C-Level sales experience who hold personal or professional relationships with key decision-makers of the Fortune 5000 companies.  

  • Must be able to schedule an introductory meeting.
  • Must be able to accompany our executives to any introductory meeting.
  • May be called upon to help strategize in selling the prospect.
  • May be called upon to contact the prospect as part of the sales process.
  • No requirement to participate in the application of services.
  • No requirement to participate in the day-to-day sales management of the account.
IV. About Us

G2 is a privately-held, nationwide consulting firm that provides our corporate clients with a very specialized and unique service that significantly reduces their Information Technology expenses through the renegotiation of major telecommunication carrier contracts.  Although this service is a category of Telecom Expense Management, we are the only firm in the United States who has carrier special pricing experience and single-focus their business in this niche area and perform at our level.
Corporations hire us to negotiate their telecom contracts because we can extract additional and often significant savings over what they can produce on their own.  Typically, telecom is a Top 5 operating expense and the bottom-line savings we influence is often in the millions of dollars.  Our firm generates extraordinary results by using two very unique and superior resources:  As former carrier negotiators with Insider Knowledge we have immediate credibility with the vendors, control the negotiation and are intimate with all carrier processes.  Through our aggressive negotiation efforts, we are continually updating our highly proprietary database of market-leading rates.  This Benchmark Intelligence is leveraged against the carriers to ensure our clients receive world-class pricing.

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G2 is committed to the highest ethical standards and is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer

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