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Client Testimonials

We simply could have not generated as much savings and improvement to our business without the assistance of G2.”

Dede Ramoneda, Vice President and CIO

“Our incumbent carrier is also a major client of our firm. It was essential that the negotiations were conducted with respect for the carrier, yet focused to provide the maximum benefit for us. G2 delivered and exceeded our expectations.”

Gene Viscelli, IT Director

We selected G2 after a comprehensive investigation of their services, against other TEM firms. The leadership during all aspects of the negotiations was impressive. It’s essential to consider the negotiator who will represent your business and not only the company hired. G2’s negotiator was second to none.”

Jay Brown, General Manager, Technology

“Tremendous results. We appreciate your great work – well past the budgetary 20% reduction and all the way to your goal of 40%. Awesome. Thank you for your power!”

Coco Taliaferro, CIO

“I want to thank G2 for delivering a set of contracts that provide strong service, minimal business impact and substantial savings. It has certainly been worthwhile to have G2’s expertise in the telecom industry in our corner.”

Joseph Behrendt, VP Information Services

“G2 not only negotiated great rates, but also assisted us in consolidating our wireless users and optimizing them onto custom pooling plans. G2’s control of the carrier negotiations was amazing to watch.”

Yusef Akyuz, CIO

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