Expert Negotiators of World-Class Telecom Contracts


G2 provides Contract Negotiation services to Fortune 500 and Global 100 companies across all industries. Our clients are some of the most well-known names in business with telecom infrastructures spanning across the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific.

All of G2’s clients have successfully negotiated telecom agreements in the past and achieved various levels of cost reduction. Some clients have even used other Telecom Expense Management, Sourcing or Cost Reduction consultants prior to engaging G2. However, it is only through our Insider Knowledge, Benchmark Intelligence and single focused concentration of resources that G2 can consistently deliver pricing, terms and conditions that are truly at the leading-edge of the market. Our savings potential and ability to outperform other consultants or internal efforts is real and proven with some of the most capable and demanding companies in business.

Generally, G2’s clients have complex wireless, local and long distance (voice & data) network services, multiple service providers, complicated inventories and numerous carrier agreements. Our typical clients’ telecom expenses range from hundreds of thousands to over a hundred million dollars annually. Each and every company has a unique and complex network infrastructure. G2 fully understands the intimacy and thoroughness needed to ensure that each client application, technology and business requirement is correctly addressed and managed in every contract we negotiate.

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