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Situation: This client’s particular circumstance presented one of the most challenging situations to test G2’s ability to negotiate effectively. Their internal IT leadership had completed a lengthy, yet seemingly successful multiple carrier RFP negotiation and had already awarded the business to their incumbent carrier. The contract was reviewed, executed and all but sent to the carrier for countersignature.

G2 performed a Value Assessment that in part compared the rates of recent, aggressive negotiations conducted on behalf of other clients. Our evaluation proved that a substantial amount of supplementary savings was possible. The client did hold some concern that if G2 did not perform as expected the delay in the implementation of the new carrier contract could be costly. A savings guarantee was an important part of this client’s financial analysis and decision to engage G2’s services.

As a company within the telecommunications industry, the majority of this client’s employees had carrier experience which resulted in a better than average knowledge of standard carrier practices relating to both daily operations and contract negotiations.

Negotiation: All previous participants in the prior RFP were invited to continue and the incumbent carrier was informed that the contract award was revoked. Because this client’s invoicing and recent carrier proposals were already collected and analyzed G2 was prepared to begin negotiations immediately. The carriers were tasked to improve pricing and contract terms and conditions within a short amount of time. G2’s knowledge of internal carrier operations and our experience leading literally thousands of negotiations enabled us to set appropriate, yet aggressive proposal response date requirements.

It is interesting to note that none of the Tier-1 or Tier-2 carriers had previously proposed the aggressive rates that were provided as a result of the G2-led negotiation.

Result: Within weeks, G2 had improved all carrier offers and had negotiated the necessary savings from the non-incumbent carriers to justify the cost of a full carrier migration of network services. The client opted to stay with their incumbent carrier and enjoyed and additional 50% discount over the rates they previously negotiated as part of their own internal negotiation efforts.

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