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Nationwide Upscale Restaurant Chain

Situation: A leading, nationwide restaurant reached out to G2 after several months of negotiations with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint & Qwest. They were negotiating a new contract for their 350+ location WAN, IP Services, Corporate Data Services and Long Distance Voice Services. They had experienced service problems with their incumbent provider, Sprint, and were seriously entertaining a migration to another provider. However, they would only do so if there was a compelling financial story, as well as extremely aggressive T&C’s and SLA’s to avoid the situation they were currently in with Sprint. Their internal staff extracted “best-and-final” offers from all four carriers and asked G2 to confirm that the offers were considered “leading edge” in the market.

Negotiation: G2’s review of the carrier offers illustrated that there was additional room for improvement with G2’s expert assistance. With the customer’s approval, G2 engaged all four carriers in a competitive, multi-carrier RFP. G2 provided each carrier specific price targets in the form of a Carrier Requirements Letter (CRL) and held meetings with senior personnel from each of the carriers’ Sales, Legal and Finance/Offer Development staffs.

G2’s benchmark intelligence and extensive relationships with each of the carriers reinforced G2’s credibility in demanding the rates that were presented.

Additionally, G2 was able to extract concessions on SLA’s and T&C’s from the carriers that provided our customer with non-standard service guarantees and contract flexibility.

Result: G2 successfully negotiated 24.4% savings, above-and-beyond what the customer had received as “best-and-final” from the carriers after several months of negotiations. The initiative was completed less than 4 weeks from commencement.

In additional to leading-edge rates and sizeable one-time credits that were negotiated, G2 also secured exceptional T&C’s and SLA’s to include key areas such as: Low Commitment Amount, Ramp-Periods, Chronic Outage Clause, Postalized/Stabilized Rate Components, NRC Waivers, Service Guarantees, Favorable Payment Terms and many others.

The result of G2’s involvement provided this customer with the compelling financial and contractual analysis needed to justify a carrier migration to senior management.

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