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S&P 400 Energy Company

Background: At the commencement of negotiations, the client’s wireless network consisted of nearly 4,000 wireless users spread over three nationwide wireless providers and six paging providers. Additionally, over 900 of the users were part of an integrated wireless data network that they utilized for meter reading, mobile workstations, and other mission-critical telemetry purposes. This client had hired professional consultants only two years earlier to optimize and migrate their network to its existing configuration and made it very clear to G2 at the onset, that the wireless carriers they utilized were for specific coverage reasons and migration was not an option. Paging, on the other hand, was open to consolidation. Additionally, this client had in their possession a contract offer from Sprint-Nextel, their largest incumbent with rates and discounts comparable to the existing State of Georgia Government contract.

Negotiation: All major, nationwide wireless providers were invited to attend a Bidder’s Conference at this client’s Headquarters. Carriers were informed of the expectations of the RFP and special attention was paid to the contract “hot buttons” and unique service requirements. Device testing was conducted only for paging, as consolidation was a possible outcome of the negotiations.

Results: As promised, G2 delivered leading-edge contracts with each of this client’s incumbent carriers, cutting its wireless spend by 42.8% without migrating services to alternative carriers. The contract for Sprint-Nextel, in particular, was far superior to the Government rates that were previously proposed. For paging, the client did choose to consolidate under two providers (from six) for significant savings, as well. In the end, G2’s efforts reduced wireless costs by over $3M over the 3-year term of the contracts.

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