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Situation: This customer was at the end of their Wireless contract and recently signed a new Wireline contract committing them to nearly 100% of their current run rate with their primary incumbent carrier. Their desire for savings was due to a corporate-wide initiative to reduce the overall cost of telecom services.

G2 performed a Value Assessment and presented our findings to both Senior Management and the IT Department. The customer was excited to learn that substantial savings existed by negotiating their contracts now instead of waiting until the end of the term.

 Negotiation: A multiple-carrier, competitive RFP for Wireline and Wireless (Voice & Data) services was conducted with the objective being to negotiate world-class contracts from all carriers that include best-in-class pricing and terms and conditions while minimizing migration disruption to all services.

The success of this negotiation was realized due to G2’s aggressive strategy of applying key leverage against the incumbent carriers to create a highly competitive negotiation environment.

Carrier Requirements Letters were distributed to the incumbent carriers specifically defining the price points expected to retain the customer’s business.

G2 launched a competitive RFP utilizing our extensive knowledge of best-in-class pricing to force the incumbent carriers to re-negotiate aggressively in an effort to “win back” the customer. All carriers provided revised aggressive contracts and retained their incumbent services.

Result: Recommended existing Wireline services remain “as-is” with one migration for a 3-Year term. G2’s expert strategy generated $12.9 million in immediate term savings with best-in-class terms and conditions.

Recommended existing Wireless services remain “as-is” generating 20% savings.

For this client, retaining G2’s single focused expertise in telecom contract negotiations translated into an additional $700K of savings due to faster project completion, earlier delivery of savings and minimal lost opportunity cost.

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