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Fortune 400 Global Transaction Processing Co.

Situation: This Global Transaction Processing giant required the negotiation of Wireline and Wireless (Voice & Data) services across 122 countries and over 1,300 locations. They realized only G2’s single focused expertise negotiating thousands of contracts, including international providers, would be perfect for this complex negotiation.

This massive undertaking also required the review of 100(+) contract documents across numerous carriers as well as thousands of price points. G2 executed a multifaceted solution to fulfill this client’s objective of maximizing bottom line savings by instilling the “threat of loss” of millions in revenue through appropriate and aggressive negotiation strategies.

Negotiation: G2 and this client worked side by side breaking down every location to the most granular level of detail in order to target areas for improvement with the highest levels of the carrier’s special pricing divisions.

Contracts were thoroughly dissected, analyzed, organized and stream-lined to produce meaningful customer focused language while making all documents coterminous.

Result: G2 was able to bring their massive proprietary database to bear on the carriers, thus producing term savings of over $8 million. Contracts were reviewed and converted to 3 sets of carrier agreements at the leading-edge of the market with meaningful customer centric terms and conditions coupled with best-in-class SLA’s.

For this client, retaining G2’s single focused expertise in telecom contract negotiations translated into an additional $500K of savings due to faster project completion, earlier delivery of savings and minimal lost opportunity cost.

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