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Five State Fortune 500 Energy Provider

Situation: This client provides energy to over 2,000,000 customers across a five-state region. G2 was awarded their business following a highly-competitive vender selection process.

In addition to negotiating maximum savings and best-in-class terms and conditions, our client required specialized contractual made the business decision to consolidate carriers across all of their telecom utilization. The majority of their contracts were approximately mid-way through a three-year contract term.

G2 built an all encompassing solution to attain this client’s goals to consolidate carriers by applying an aggressive negotiation strategy and instilling the “threat of loss”.

Negotiation: This multi-dimensional energy company utilized G2’s experience negotiating literally thousands of contracts to apply leverages resulting in the maximization of savings and execution of leading-edge contracts containing meaningful customer centric terms and conditions.

G2 orchestrated a fully competitive RFP for LD Voice and Data Services due to customer dissatisfaction with their incumbent provider making this a truly “wide open” opportunity.

This complex negotiation contained 2 large Call Centers with heavy Toll Free voice, Intrastate / IntraLATA voice and advanced Toll Free Routing capabilities where already aggressive voice rates were currently in place with a Tier 3 provider.

Result: G2’s single focused expertise and leadership produced 22.2% in direct bottom line savings plus leading edge coterminous contracts containing meaningful client focused terms and conditions.

Additionally, G2 successfully consolidated carriers from 10 to 2 with the primary provider now being a Tier 1 as opposed to a Tier 3 with many custom Toll Free Routing concessions attained, or fees waived altogether, while establishing coterminous contracts for the purpose of increasing future customer leverage.

For this client, retaining G2’s single focused expertise in telecom contract negotiations translated into an additional $50K of savings due to faster project completion, earlier delivery of savings and minimal lost opportunity cost.

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