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Situation: This client had just completed their own negotiation effort with their Incumbent carrier for local, long distance, voice and data services. The carrier had provided a formal best and final proposal which represented considerable cost reductions across all segments of their wireline services.

Due to a non-coterminous agreement, the client was only 8 months into a new contract term for wireless services.

Prior to executing a new 3-year wireline agreement, G2 was retained to ensure the best possible deal was negotiated. If possible, G2 was also tasked with opening up the recently executed wireless agreement to target additional savings.

Negotiation: G2 engaged the carrier in an “Incumbent-Only” Right of First Refusal strategy, leveraging our knowledge of the market and this carrier’s offerings to companies of similar size and scope. It was clear that the right to retain our client’s business would only be granted if very aggressive price points and term requirements were met.

G2 also successfully leveraged our carrier precedence to open up the freshly executed wireless agreement to drive further cost reductions. To ensure all wireless savings were realized, G2 created an Optimization Blueprint to assist the carrier in transitioning all subscribers to the appropriate, custom- negotiated plans.

The negotiation of the entire complement of wireline and wireless services was completed 16 days after commencement.

Result: G2’s single focused expertise and leadership produced an additional 32% in wireline savings above what the client was able to achieve through their own internal efforts.

G2 negotiated a 19% reduction for wireless services even though the agreement was recently executed. In conjunction with these drastic cost reductions G2 was also able to significantly decease the Contract Commitments for all services to sub 75%.

There was no network migration or service modification required to obtain any of the G2-earned savings. This was simply a financial exercise utilizing G2’s Benchmark Intelligence, Carrier Insider Knowledge and Contract Precedence to achieve a 7 figure cost reduction.

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