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Fortune 100 Retail Drugstore Chain

Situation: G2 was hired to negotiate new Wireless agreements with each of this client’s incumbent providers. This client has over 5,000 retail locations and 100,000 employees, which includes a complex supply network and mission-critical wireless needs.

This client utilized all aspects of Wireless services, including voice, data, text, telemetry and laptop tethering. They had previously used a G2 competitor to negotiate their contracts in the past, but selected G2 for this negotiation after hearing about G2’s successes for other clients in similar situations.

In addition to negotiations, this client tested G2 with streamlining their Wireless program and recommending more efficient and cost-saving practices.

Negotiation: G2 commenced negotiations with all three incumbent carriers at a Bidder’s Conference utilizing a multi-carrier approach. G2 honed in on specific price targets and carrier offerings that were unique to each carrier and utilized one-on-one coaching to ensure the results matched expectations.

Per the client’s request, G2 negotiated an aggressive program for employee-liable subscribers that offered significant savings to the employee, but also included a substantial credit/rebate structure back to the corporate level.

While the initiative was presented as a competitive RFP, G2 leveraged each carrier individually such that no users would need to be migrated as the client had requested. Essentially, this was a three-carrier incumbent strategy with each carrier being carefully leveraged to write down their existing business.

Result: G2’s efforts yielded a reduction across all three carriers of 43.9% without any user migration.

Contracts were finalized at easily attainable user tiers, and included deep discounts, recurring credits, and custom plans for voice, data, text and international users. G2 also achieved major device concessions for specific devices that were selected by the client and improved several critical contract terms and conditions.

In conjunction with the negotiation, G2 performed a comprehensive review of the corporate wireless policy and device management, then offered several recommendations for improvement. With the client’s endorsement, G2 also created an “Implementation Blueprint” that gave clear instructions to the carriers outlining expected rate plan modifications.

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