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Companies can negotiate on their own and savings can be attractive, so why do you need to hire G2 as your professional negotiator?

Exceeding The “Average Contract”
By definition, most telecommunications contracts are simply average. One of the most common mistakes companies make conducting their own negotiations is to use their existing contracts as a benchmark to evaluate a “good deal.” Most likely, these companies’ contracts were average to begin with, and the results of negotiations yield similarly average contracts. What makes an “average contract” a “world-class contract?” It’s G2′s leadership, insider knowledge of the carrier….

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  • How Long Should Carrier Negotiations Really Take?

    If you’ve ever gone over your allotted minutes on your cell phone bill, you know the drill. That same minute of talk time that cost a penny under contract suddenly costs 25 cents. That’s a little like the way the carriers operate when it comes to negotiating your next contract. The industry average to negotiate a new telecom carrier agreement is now about 9 to 12 months. Why? Because that’s part of the carriers’ strategy: The longer they delay implementation of your new contract, the longer you’re paying higher rates. How long should it take to negotiate a new telecom contract? Six to 12 weeks, tops! That difference [More...]

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